Breaking News with Kelly Link



Kelly Link is a certified Interior Designer, LEED, AP, WELL AP, and Fitwell Ambassador. Shes is currently pursuing her Qualified Professional in Corporate Real Estate (QPCR) accreditation and recently completed a MCR: Workplace Strategy Essentials seminar. She is eager to learn and continue to grow so she can provide our clients with insights that fit their goals. In her personal life Kelly enjoys exploring art museums and historic architecture – she recently went to Texas and enjoyed her time visiting the Bishop Arts District!


Kelly is our driving force behind Insights with Innovative. This program is a co-creative process aimed to increase productivity, engagement, and satisfaction with our customer’s organizations. Engaging employees in decision making is essential in today’s world. After our Workshops, participants feel valued and heard. Due to the current unemployment rates being at an all-time low and the costly price of replacing employees, companies have turned to us for support in recruitment, retention, culture enhancements, and workplace changes. Through our discovery process, we explore employee wants and needs and prioritize based on impact and importance. In our workshops, we dive into workplace characteristics that matter most to your organizations; people, process, technology, and place. To keep up with the fast paced workplace environment, we provide insights into what we see day to day so your focus can remain on the core of your business.