Bolton & Menk decided to create a downtown office presence to enhance their business opportunities as well as creating an employee centric culture in an urban environment. The space offers a large amount of natural light with floor to ceiling windows. The office was designed to maximize the space with as many workstations as possible without sacrificing any natural light. A variety of seating options, tables, bar, and booth, were included to accommodate a multitude of activities that would take place within the space. Innovative’s design helped Bolton & Menk’s vision come to life with an open, airy office, evolving from a traditional workplace to a multi-functional office.


“Innovative’s furniture design professionals were great partners and contributors to our overall office design team.  Their collaboration process with our architects was not only creative and inspiring, it was also fun!  It was an interdependent sharing of ideas that resulted in a beautiful and functional space for our employees and clients.” – Marcus Thomas, Principal Engineer at Bolton & Menk

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Furniture and Textile Manufacturers Represented: Teknion, Nevers, Cambria, Paul Brayton, Maharam, Keilhauer, ESI, La-Z-Boy