Take a tour of our project with Cambria to renovate the second floor of their Eden Prairie office. Cambria wanted to move from a typical “cube farm” environment to a more open plan concept. The primary objectives of this move were to increase collaboration, energize the workplace and increase available meeting areas.

Increase Collaboration

Several design choices were made to accommodate different employee work styles while taking opportunities to increase collaboration. This began with two differing cube layouts; a 120-degree station to give the space an organic feel with interesting sight lines, and an L-shaped design to provide more workspace and storage.  Both layouts were designed with an open plan concept in mind, using 42″ height panels to promote easy interaction among employees.

Energize the Workplace

Cambria embraced the concept of a work environment that encourages movement. Each workstation received a sit-to-stand base, we introduced a standing conference area, and included many soft seating areas to promote a change of scenery.

Color was used to energize and brighten the space with a clear eye to the company culture. Because color is a powerful tool for conveying mood and evoking emotion, colors were picked with their uses in mind. The color palette includes cool neutrals (modern), bright white (clarity, simplicity), yellow (bright, cheerful) and green (fresh, balanced).

Increase Available Meeting Areas

Casual meeting spaces were scattered around the floor to provide areas for impromptu meetings, or a “touch-down” for heads-down work. These spaces took a variety of forms ranging from stools & tables to soft seating, including a unique high-back seating option to offer privacy and noise cancellation. Additionally, mobile marker boards were utilized to provide a sounding board for ideas as well as provide a degree of separation/privacy where necessary.


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