The St Paul Saints had a vision for CHS Field to be the greenest ballpark in America while using North American made products, and Innovative was thrilled to be part of bringing that vision to reality. The values and corporate culture of the St Paul Saints align perfectly with Innovative, creating a fruitful partnership that helped bring Saints baseball to life in this amazing ballpark.

As you visit CHS Field, you’ll find the Innovative fingerprint throughout the stadium, from furniture in the corporate spaces to outdoor seating, umbrellas, waste receptacles, towel & tissue dispensers and more…  not to mention our role in fulfillment of products that aid in daily ballpark operations such as office supplies, restroom products and compostable trash liners.

This partnership is a textbook example of how working with Innovative on a new or renovated space allows our clients to do more with less, working with a single source to cut both time and cost from the process.

Join us on a tour of how Innovative is built into the DNA of CHS Field and the St Paul Saints operation:


As you enter the corporate offices in the above building, you enter an impressive lobby which features Endorse soft seating and tables by Hon.


On this main level, Innovative helped furnish a unique conference room, known as Saints Circle, that contains a beautiful St Paul Saints mural, and windows that overlook the main concourse of CHS field. This room features a table and credenza from Global, and seating from Source Seating.


Moving downstairs in the corporate offices is the lower lobby, with more Endorse soft seating and tables by Hon.


Entering the heart of the corporate office you first come across a large conference area. The conference table is manufactured by Global and features recessed data & power modules that can also be closed for a clean look. Ignition task chairs by Hon surround the table.


Passing the conference area, you’re greeted with a beautiful view of the field, made possible in part with an open-plan collaborative workspace design. The benching system in use is Global Bridges, which features center glass to bring some visual privacy to the individual workstations. Hon Ignition task seating is also featured in this space.



Glass walled private offices line the corporate space and feature Global Princeton furniture with Hon Ignition task and guest seating.


Moving out of the corporate offices and down the hallway in the underbelly of the stadium you come across the Saints Clubhouse.


The clubhouse features two beautiful couches from DreamSeat. These couches were custom embroidered with the St Paul Saints logo and are paired with coffee tables, also from DreamSeat (not shown).


Out in the stadium proper, Innovative has a variety of furnishings throughout. The most notable of which is in the beautiful Securian Club.


This room features chairs and stools from Stylex, tables from Trendway, soft seating by Global and custom occasional tables by Willie Willette.



It was important for the St Paul Saints to feature local artists and materials in CHS Field. To that end, we partnered with Willie Willette to create these custom occasional tables using locally sourced wood.


Stylex stools line the bar area of the Securian Club room.



Throughout the outdoor spaces of CHS field, from the Beer Dabbler craft beer garden to the Star Tribune Skybox, you’ll find outdoor tables and chairs from EMU.








In addition to EMU outdoor furniture, this area features custom umbrellas sourced by Innovative. The colorful, custom logo’d, umbrellas were just one of the many ways that the St Paul Saints turned to Innovative to help them source products made in North America and bring the vision of the ballpark to life.


The private suites also contain furniture provided by Innovative. Beginning with Trendway Tables and Keilhauer stools.


The outdoor patio for each private suite features outdoor furniture from Knoll Studio.


Innovative is a key sustainability partner with the St Paul Saints and we’re proud of our contribution to help CHS Field achieve its goal of being the greenest ballpark in America. The following photographs showcase just a few of the ways in which we’re helping CHS Field achieve this goal. 

Around the main concourse you’ll find 200 Emeco Broom Stools surrounding the field, some adorned with sponsor logos on the rear. These unique stools are made from recycled plastic containers and wood pulp. A great sustainability story that fits the look and vision for the ballpark.



The sustainability story doesn’t end with the furniture we placed at CHS Field. Shown below are color coded trash and recycling containers, utilizing compostable trash liners. With clear color coding and instructions, thousands of guests at each game are easily able to dispose of their trash and recyclables in a responsible manner.


In the restrooms, Innovative is present again, this time with dispensers and featuring paper products made from recycled materials.


Working with Innovative gave the St. Paul Saints the unique ability to work with one supplier to serve many needs throughout the ballpark. Having Innovative on call (and our superstar Account Executive Karla Gunderson) brought relief to the Saints as they worked long days to bring this remarkable ballpark online. We’re extremely proud of our partnership and role in the unique experience that the St Paul Saints bring to their fans at every game. Go Saints!



Photography by: Jason Player Photography