Turn Up the Teamwork

Contemporary workplaces thrive on openness, flow and collaboration. It’s the type of environment that inspires people and turns up productivity. So whether it’s removing cubicles or rearranging your floor plan, Interiors by Innovative can help you transform your office and bring your team to life.

Collaboration Is In

Create a workplace that’s meant for working together: 

  • Open floor plans
  • Endless workstations
  • Hangouts
  • Glass walls
  • Soft seating
  • Flex space
  • Multi-screen environments
  • Technology enabled
  • Power accessible

Movement & Ergonomics

Support the health and happiness of your employees with lighting, seating, desk and computer accessories that enhance comfort and energy.

  • Motion seating
  • Perch seating
  • Sit-stand workstations
  • Flexible monitors
  • Keyboard flexibility
  • Task lighting
  • Multi-dimensional movement

Find out more about the latest trends that could invigorate your office. Contact us today.